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Created: 05-10-2020 - Last updated: 05-10-2020

A single search box (of search engine type) has been preferred. All the words entered are taken into account for the search regardless of diacritical signs, and combined by a Boolean equation of type "AND". The results can then be refined using the facets proposed on the left side of the screen.

Search tips

Symbol Description Example Effect
* Truncation laugh* will search for resources containing "laugh", "laughter", "laughing" etc.
+ Boolean operator AND dog + cat will search for resources containing "dog" and also "cat"
| Boolean operator OR bike | bicycle will search for resources containing either "bike", or "bicycle"
- Boolean operator NOT tintin -tibet will search for resources containing "tintin" but not "tibet"
() Brackets, to combine operators mobility + (bike | bicycle) will search for resources containing "mobility" and either "bike", or "bicycle"
"" Exact expression "human resources" will search for resources containing the exact expression "human resources"

Search results

Results tabs

The search form makes it possible to find not only documents, but also person or collectivity type entities in order, for example, to obtain information on an author and to list the documents related to him. To display these results, select the corresponding tab at the top of the results page.


The facets allow you to filter the results according to different criteria such as: document type, author, library, etc. With one click, facets restrict the search to several thousand results.

Just like nesting dolls, facets can be combined, the set of results being more and more restricted. The initial selections remain active as long as they are not removed (within the same search).

Detailed view of a document

To view detailed information about a document, click on its title in the search results. The detailed view displays information under different tabs:

  • Get : Displays copies of library documents, their status and availability and allows you to request or reserve the document.
  • Description : Provides detailed bibliographic information about the document.

Log in and make requests

Log in

Logging in allows you to consult the status of your reader account (borrowed, reserved, overdue documents...). It also enables you to extend the loan period of the documents you have borrowed.

  • Click on My account then Login at the top right of the screen.
  • Enter your username and password

Your initials in the top right corner of the screen show that your account is open. To protect your account's confidentiality, remember to click on Log out at the end of your work, especially on public workstations.

Reader account

Your account can be accessed from the menu on the top right. The following sections are proposed there:

  • Loans : List of your borrowed documents. de vos documents empruntés. A button allows you to extend the due date of the documents.
  • Pending : List of documents requested and documents ready for pick-up. This view also displays the status of pending requests. A button allows you to cancel a request.
  • History : The documents you have borrowed and returned. This list is kept for a limited amount of time.
  • Fees : The different fees you owe your library (fines, interlibrary loan, photocopies…).
  • Personal data : Displays the personal data of your account.

Request/reserve a document

It is possible to request or reserve a document online.

The request/reservation can cover :

  • An available copy
  • A copy available in storeroom
  • A copy in storeroom to be consulted on site only
  • A reservation on a copy already borrowed by another person.

To make a request, you have to be logged in and click on the Get tab of the document in question. Then, click on Request before you choose a pick-up location.

Extend a loan

  1. Log in
  2. Open your reader account (top right)
  3. In Loans, click on Extend

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